Telecom Consulting Services

Your communication service company is the backbone of the digital economy. You need to provide connectivity always on and unlimited bandwidth so consumers can work, learn, transact, and be entertained using cellular devices. Your network must support public services such as utilities, transportation networks, and health care with reliable connectivity.

The practice of communication services Essenware offers network solutions that meet the needs of consumer connectivity and digital companies. We improve telecommunication network performance through network function virtualization (NFV) and the specified network of software (SDN).  We focus on service reliability, cybersecurity and sustainability. Strong network infrastructure seamlessly manages the workload of the Internet of Things (IIOT) and data convergence, sound, and real-time video.

Essenware help communication service companies become more formidable with the Live Company Framework –

Speed up migration to Cloud

our experts work on discrete network elements to cloud infrastructure, which discusses increasing demand for video communication while rationalizing operating costs.

Building a resilient Business Process

Essenware increases business agility to simplify the process, facilitate collaboration, integrate technology that arises, and encourages innovation.

Ensure resilient IT Operation

our technical experts at Essenware upgrade Networks Telecom uses machine learning and artificial intelligence-based tools, without disturbing service.

Activate Remote Learning on the Scale

Digital learning tools We train engineers and operating teams to design, install, and manage telecommunications networks and solve problems and resolve problems.

Today’s service providers are faced with radical changes in their business environment, and while they mostly work to create a slimmer operation, the mechanism of doing business has changed for a year which leads to transformation in business models. ESSENWARE quickly changes itself from a communication service provider inheritance to IP broadband providers, cloud and IT platforms with a larger focus on the business segment. Each wave of innovation provides an opportunity to balance the strategy. ESSENWARE must adopt a four-branch strategy to regain market position.

Our services


Our consultants have rich experience in the field of network strategies, planning, design, implementation & operations managed. Our consultant pool has experts at all levels – from CXO to functional head to network planning managers.

Our consultants have worked on real life trials and the spread of new technologies in a very large network – above 200 million customers. Some of the new technological areas are – Telco Cloud, NFV, Virtual Ran, Virtual Core, Cloud Edge Mobile, custom design radio eNodeB, etc.

Network services

Essenware provides all levels of engineering services starting for cell sites and installation of data centers, commissioning, acceptance, auditing sites. The field operations & maintenance team we maintain our client network to meet tight KPI and SLA. We provide all varieties for field maintenance solutions including NOC, OMCR, logistics, spare parts management & partner relations, automatic field management.

RF planning

RF Team Expert We provide all RF services from the spectrum of agricultural complexes back, planning in multi-technology-multi-margination networks, predictions, solution design in building. Our optimization services help our clients obtain optimal performance from rare resources.

Customer experience

We use our exclusive methodology to track, supervise and manage any interaction, on each channel and touch point between customers and service providers throughout the customer’s life cycle.

Why choose Essenware for telecom services?

With several of experience, we realize the importance of internationalization for the growth of the company. About 25% of our clients have an international presence.

In the integer we rent the only best and we go all over the world to find the best talent pool to serve our clients. Our employees also share value and core values, which are founding blocks for performance and quality.

At Essenware, our aim is to realize the importance of AI and machine learning and we are here to bridge the current gap on the market for the solution.

Various customer and business segments that we serve help,Essenware fully understand complex interactions and dependence in the telecommunications sector. This knowledge allows the smooth operation of the latest platform and technology, empowering the evolution of our clients and helping them stay in front of the competition.