Retail Consulting Services

The retail industry witnessed a paradigm shift. The rapidly growing technology, changing customer expectations, and digital companies that appear are pushing extensive interference. Obviously, from a large number of new products, markets and customer segments until the expansion of sales and marketing channels that are developing retail is at a critical point. Customers now demand experience shopping that is rich in personalized, connected, and interesting.

In addition, some strength revolutionizes landscapes: explosion of data and connected devices, software specified software, cloud enabled as-a-service and experience, and digital platforms are driven by results. This makes it important for retailers to show off agility in technology adoption and optimization of business processes.

But certain challenges remain. This includes the lack of business models, applications, and inability to spread new technology. It hampers the delivery of a smooth shopping experience and Omni channel. To overcome these obstacles and businesses that are resistant in the future, strong strategies and ends to the end are the needs of the clock.

ESSENWARE utilizes 1-2-3 strategy mode, focuses the spotlight 3 points together in the field of existing business growth and in the future. This helps maintain company competitiveness, encourages success in the digital era.

ESSENWARE allows retailers to dare to navigate a new digital era with transitions of traditional efficiency-oriented solutions for business-oriented conversations’. Our collaborative models help carve a successful path to the company’s modernization.

Essenware combines the best of all our business services to help our clients change and adjust the scalable solutions for the demands of the consumer market that is always changing. With 360 degree visibility into customer experience, retailers can increase in each field of operational efficiency, fulfillment of orders, cross-store inventory transparency and supply chain network. Furthermore, reduce the cost of developing IT and the time to market, bridge the consumer communication gap – retailer.

Retail IT services focus on achieving higher efficiency in business operations and creating truly centric centric experiences for digital and physical sales channels.

We provide software solutions

Customer experience

Because consumers expect a truly Omni-channel experience, we respond to this challenge by helping brands to provide consistent and personal services – before, during and after purchase.

Our Essenwaresolution reflects the current industrial mind-set and supports integrated experiences at all touch points of consumers – web, post, mobile, click & collect and social.

EssenwareAutomation and Marketing:

Develop personalized and lasting relationships with complete customer data and can be followed up.

Loyalty Program: Implement customer retention strategies through management of loyalty schemes powered by ENRM in the In-Store, Web and Cellular channels.

Experience in the store:

bring the next gene technology to your physical outlet, including the integration of postal terminals and cellular devices.

Electronic trade

We provide solutions that can be scaled that meet consumer requirements, facilitating pleasant and safe shopping experience and supplying operational analysis for marketing and sales.


Build a virtual storefront with a neat online catalog for 100,000+ Scrus.

Online shopping cart:

Activate secure transaction processing with many payment gateway options.


connect your eCommerce module with the entire company line-up system (ERP, CRM, Back Officor, and more).


Offers cellular shopping for consumers on various devices.

Supply chain management

We enable real-time visibility to each stage of supply chain, from manufacturing to checkout.

Supply chain management: automates your purchasing and sales process which includes inventory management, storing operations and finance.

Private label product management:

Manage relationships with producers and monitor products throughout their life cycle.

Trade Promotion Management:

Get full control of planning, implementation and analysis of trade promotion on each outlet.


Make long distance collaboration allows between buyers, vendors and personal label manufacturers.

Mobile Application:

Comply with your staff with a specific cellular solution for real time access to work-work functionality.

Data analysis and business intelligence

We help you make a decision based on information based on a rich analysis sourced from your IT ecosystem and the customer’s touch point.

Warehouse Data Management Master:

Breastfeed a one version of truth by cleaning and integrating your data from various distributed sources.


Handles the relevant metric combination of customer behavior, inventory, operation, finance and more from the point of view you need.

Reporting UI:

Provides interactive reporting which can be adjusted to their specific role.

Predictive Analytics:

Enter customer trends and estimated requests with meaningful data.

Computer vision

Our experts at Essenware offer special image analysis solutions to increase customer service levels in retail:

Face Recognition:

From regular customer recognition to give them personalized agreements to identify potential criminals.

Emotional recognition:

Assessing the level of customer satisfaction with a smart camera.

Virtual reality

Essenware presents the latest technology from VR to create a unique and comfortable shopping experience, such as an interactive virtual store that can be traced by customers from any location using popular VR platforms.

Security information

Certified ISO 27001, we maintain the highest information security standards. We can help your business allow advanced security management.

Information on Security and Event Management (SIEM): Real-time monitoring of internal and external security events for effective prevention of threats.

Identity management and access: secure and control role-based access to your data assets.

Our ability

Our technology competence includes a full cycle of retail software development services:

This service is delivered by the appropriate team, scalable and practitioners that include business analysts, software consultants and engineers, graphic designers and professional quality assurance.

Our strategic relationship with technology leaders opens extra opportunities for us and helps facilitate implementation for our customers.