Industrial Solutions

Industrial solutions are a series of industrial service project management modules that are ready to use (business processes, knowledge and industry standards, typical fragments, templates, etc.) that take into account specifications.

Our best industrial solutions contain automation tools that have been adapted and project management methodologies, which involve the use of only proven practices in certain industrial fields.

However, most companies have at least two similarities: the need to develop business models and produce new growth, as well as mandates to provide quality products along with superior customer experience.

Essenwarecombines the power of digital thinking with our unique consultative approach to help clients cross industry imagine, build and run more innovative companies.

Essenware’s specification

• Quality

Supplying equipment with stable high quality is one of our top priorities. Works with us, our customers are sure that they get excellent quality at affordable prices.

• Reliability

On our product line, we keep the reliable equipment that has passed the test of time.

• Innovation

We try to offer solutions with maximum automation, using artificial intelligence. We see progress in this way doing business. By working with us, our customers also developed with us.

Our services


Essenware offers banking, financial services, and intelligent insurance solutions that are digitally and adaptively to provide the best results. Our team can develop a smart BFSI solution around technological innovation, organizational flexibility, and client’s centrisy. We have developed the latest banking and financial solutions that allow secure transactions, real-time insights, and personalized services and products by eliminating human errors.


The practice of communication services Essenware offers network solutions that meet the needs of consumer connectivity and digital companies. We improve telecommunication network performance through network function virtualization (NFV) and the specified network of software (SDN).  We focus on service reliability, cybersecurity and sustainability. Strong network infrastructure seamlessly manages the workload of the Internet of Things (IIOT) and data convergence, sound, and real-time video.


Essenware combines the best of all our business services to help our clients change and adjust the scalable solutions for the demands of the consumer market that is always changing. With 360 degree visibility into customer experience, retailers can increase in each field of operational efficiency, fulfillment of orders, cross-store inventory transparency and supply chain network. Furthermore, reduce the cost of developing IT and the time to market, bridge the consumer communication gap – retailer.


Fast consumer helps companies to produce quickly. This includes the daily needs that we use since the morning itself. Some products are easily damaged in one or two days such as vegetables and dairy products. We make a website and make marketing easy to benefit from goods for shop owners and consumers at the right time. Our expert team updates the FMCG company ranking process periodically. Our SEO services at regional levels help consumers to reach vendors easily.

Health care services

Essenware are one of India’s health care benefits that allow people to manage their health effectively and lead happy life. With the aim of making quality health care affordable and accessible, the Prepaid DiscountEssenware health package provides access to a quality preventive and health solution. Our motto is that with high service standards, our highly qualified medical networks offer standard and transparent concession levels throughout the hospital, diagnostic centre, nursing homes, pharmacies, and home and clinic providers.

IT infrastructure

Our expert depth in IT infrastructure and cloud technology makes our partners like in many of our digital transformations of our clients. Our expert team at Essenware always makes investment in proprietary tools and technology, comprehensive partner ecosystems, skills in technology that appears as defined by software.

Pharma services

Our development support activities stretched the initial pre-clinical phase to post-marketing. ESSENWARE provides all functions of the pharmaceutical company that is fully full resource and we often provide ‘bolt-on’ services that complement the in-house resources client to allow them to have all the development capabilities that are in accordance with their project stage.

Technology services

We offer a variety of services to guide you including strategies, company application support, all types and phases of special application development, and leading technology such as Cloud, Voice Interface, and IOT. Our technology is an expert in guiding clients through this process.

There are many types of service companies, and for all their similarities related to their own unique challenges and chances. We have spent several years working with service companies from IT sectors to health care sector.

Take the first step, and we are here to hold your hand.