Pharma Consulting Services

In this current global Coronavirus situation, we want to assure you that ESSENWARE works hard to ensure all aspects that can be controlled from our services are as usual, and that all interference caused by restrictions on trips etc. Supporting our ongoing project is clearly key and we will continue to manage and monitor our projects and connectors with you as needed.

In ESSENWARE, we certainly monitor every day global and local advice available about preventive measures needed to reduce the spread of Covid-19, and we take the right steps to manage changing situations.

We have a Robust Business Continuity Plan (BCP), which allows all our teams to work remotely if they need to arise. We recently reviewed our BCP in the light of this extraordinary situation to ensure all critical business functions will continue if our employees must isolate themselves.

Why Essenware is different from other?

The area of our services

Our expert at ESSENWARE offer end-to-end services, from pre-clinical to post marketing, pharmaceutical / biotech development services for drugs and human devices and veterinarians.

The way we provide these services

We adjust our range of services for each individual need of our clients and teams with more than 800 adult experts can be used to manage as much, or as little as the client’s company needs.

Our approach

Our development support activities stretched the initial pre-clinical phase to post-marketing. ESSENWARE provides all functions of the pharmaceutical company that is fully full resource and we often provide ‘bolt-on’ services that complement the in-house resources client to allow them to have all the development capabilities that are in accordance with their project stage.

We have pioneered the initial development path for new sophisticated therapy agents; directly from the manufacturer’s stage.

How do we do it?

The ESSENWARE network of more than 800 personnel (employees and associations) includes several best subject experts in the development of drug products.

Our specific team was properly chosen to match the right needs of each project; they evolved smoothly together with the progress of the project, responding intelligently to specific needs at each stage of development, pushing the project to a successful conclusion.

This approach makes us agile, lightly on our feet, flexible and cost-effective. ESSENWARE works throughout the world. Our core team from senior executives who are very experienced at ESSENWARE headquarters collaborating with loyal and established partner networks located throughout the world.

We continue to add colleagues to the team, as needed, and they all provide knowledge, local knowledge experts.