Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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According to the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a type of business process outsourcing (BPO) in which employers transfer all or part of their recruitment process to external service providers. RPO providers can provide their own employees, technologies, methods, and reports that may be responsible for the company. In all cases, RPO is very different from providers such as HR companies and contingent/retention search providers because it assumes ownership of the design and management of the recruitment process and responsibility for results.

Essenware’s expert team as a talent consultant with deep expertise, world-class resources, and a focus on innovation, help you solve the most complex and challenging talent needs in this competitive era. You can use our experience working across geographies and industries to streamline recruitment process outsourcing solutions, thereby helping to improve your company’s productivity and performance. Work with us to experience tailor-made RPO solutions to promote your business development.

Recruitment process outsourcing companies provide a variety of benefits to organizations, the most important of which is to reduce costs. Since they spend all their resources on finding suitable candidates, they conduct more scrutiny of candidates to find the best candidates. They also reduce the time required for organizations to find suitable candidates and provide detailed data on candidates.

Benefits of RPO services

According to the recruitment process outsourcing organization, the RPO approach provides organizations with a large number of recruitments at a lower cost. This process has grown to the point where it is now accessible to small and medium-sized organizations to meet all their recruitment needs. Although staffing and recruitment are sometimes synonymous, staffing is a term used when individuals must be hired more quickly in a short period of time. Staffing is used to fill specific positions or temporary or contract basis, called flexible staffing. Recruitment means filling or selecting candidates for permanent positions, and is usually more strategic. Both processes are outsourced with the help of staffing agencies and recruitment companies, respectively.

RPO is cost-effective and can save up to 50% compared to emergency search costs.

Some corporate human resources departments do not have internal resources to recruit a large number of employees at once. When the recruitment demand exceeds the recruitment capacity, RPO is meaningful for the company.

This allows the company’s managers and human resources personnel to focus on the company’s core business, while ensuring that high-quality employees are provided for all positions.

RPO companies are engaged in recruitment business. Therefore, they have certain tools and processes that many companies may not have.

A side benefit of RPO is that it helps to achieve diversity goals.

Our End to end RPO services

SA Technologies is one of the leading RPO companies in the US & India. With extraordinary experience and abilities, we have served their clients with RPO End-to-end services that are fully rolling globally over the years. All of our recruitment solutions include a complete recruitment life cycle. Everything starts from the source to arabat to be taken care of so that your resources can focus on the generation of income.

Our recruitment services are made according to your business needs. We ensure the way we work well with your culture, value, and management.

Our RPO End-to-end solution will function as an extended HR team and will help you align resources.

Essenware’s project RPO services

Our RPO projects offer thorough assistance in managing important and complex recruitment cycles. With our solution, you receive, improvised time to rent, better quality candidates and verified recruitment metrics.

Our expert team of Essenwarehas designed RPO service client drive projects that can be fully adjusted for your needs. We understand that each project is unique and so does the need to follow, which is why we are proficient in dealing with the demand of rare candidates and client needs. Fast supply of candidate requests is one of the many benefits produced by our clients with our project solutions.

Why choose essenware for RPO services

A dedicated team-

We have a dedicated professional team that will help you meet your business needs on time


We are superior in making a fast way for you to achieve the highest success with cost-effective solutions

Technology driven RPO-

We are empowered with the latest technology that helps us offer a leading RPO solution

Hybrid recruitment in place / offsite-

Ensure high effectiveness in the process with hybrid recruitment solutions in place / offsite

Vendor Management System-

Manage your vendors in a way that is sorted and slim with our Splendid VMS

Industry expertise-

Benefits of our strong variety of services that offer efficient solutions for various industries

We have the ability to source candidates globally. Using our hard work and desire, we have made a strong global presence. Essenware expert driven by success has helped us offer top-class talents to our clients anywhere in the world. We take advantage of our strong connection to find candidates who fit geographically and objectively. We in SA Technologies understand that the business world changes and so does recruitment needs. With our desires and hard work towards global staff, we have made a name for us at the global level.

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