IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Today’s IT infrastructure is very different from what used to be a few years ago. Digitization currently has made consumers stronger and changes the expectations of the company from it.

IT infrastructure services have now developed into the importance. They are now expected to be able to help businesses become agile, safe, service oriented, and able to provide an integrated experience to end customers.

We are consistently recognized by leading independent analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Everest, and others as leaders in the Inti IT Infrastructure Management Services. We have also won praise for our trail record that proved successful, shipping high complexity, customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions.

Our expert depth in IT infrastructure and cloud technology makes our partners like in many of our digital transformations of our clients. Our expert team at Essenware always makes investment in proprietary tools and technology, comprehensive partner ecosystems, skills in technology that appears as defined by software.

Our capabilities

Our expert and technically sound team always include a full spectrum of needs, from strategies to service management, network transformation to workplace solutions, and more.

Hybrid Cloud

Utilizing the benefits of public cloud while maintaining the controls you need with private cloud to enable dynamic and optimized workload placements.


Develop clear strategies to increase network capacity and spread new technology to evidence in your network’s future and increase efficiency.

Workplace and Digital Collaboration

Give workers with access to everything they need on any device.

Service management and experience

Utilizing the skills and tools needed to manage your cloud estate more effectively and encourage the level of new employee experience.

Infrastructure as code

Our experts always try change infrastructure with Enabler business agility through a combination of infrastructure, automation, and sustainable distribution of software.

Edge and IoT devices managed

Our aim at Essenware is to provide beneficial intelligence data everywhere through a managed edge and IoT device as the center of gravity data shifts from the core to the edge.

Our services

Hybrid Cloud Service

The next generation data center with autonomous capabilities and orchestration helps in creating integrated experiences.

Next generation network service

We enable business transformation and strategic alignment of the corporate network of the next generation, making it slim, agile, and results.

Integration & Service Management

Our technically sound team at Essenware design the right Siam model using technologies while applying and integrating many vendors.

Mainframe and IBM I (US / 400)

We help our customers maximize value and efficiently utilize resources through our mainframe services.

Digital workplace services

Workplaces in the digital era have revolutionized because today’s workforce requires a smart, agile, and collaborative workplace.

Cloud original service

Our host of the Cloud solution ensures a smooth and efficient transition to the cloud.

Application operation

Essenware’s team always try to bridge the gap between different applications & infrastructure environments traditionally to bring proactively in IT operations.

Why choose Essenware for IT infrastructure services?

Infrastructure applications and expertise

Our team utilizes the knowledge of our application team to optimize your application’s dependent infrastructure.

Close partnership

Relations close to the main partners of the platform that provide visibility in products that allow us to anticipate and reduce their impact on your environment.

Strong vertical expertise

Vertical knowledge EMTEC allows us to recommend and spread infrastructure previously optimized, reducing time to respect your organization.

Key solutions we provide

Software defined WAN services

SDWAN leverage centralized management of bandwidth optimization & effective traffic control, providing WAN management & simplified application visibility.

Disaster-as-service recovery (Draas) for critical workload

Facilitate the recovery of your workload at remote location, using data replication from primary site to a distant site.

Digital hybrid infrastructure platform - DHIP

Unify Management across the workload of container and virtual machines to provide automatic ops, management centric applications, policy enforcement, cost optimization and integrated visibility throughout the hybrid cloud.

Campus network transformation uses the specified software

Translate campus network requirements such as segmentation, routing, security, wireless and guest connectivity in software – simplify large campus management and reduce manual intervention in daily tasks.

Digital database operation

Digital database operation simplifies complex database operations – cut DBA time and costs managing databases with traditional technology.

Secure the virtual office

The core component of the solution is an integrated gateway tool with Wi-Fi radio, which is built in SDWAN and company firewall for branch offices.

With our deep experience in driving adopted cloud, we help companies design innovative strategies to realize hybrid private clouds and manage them with capabilities such as automation, integrated visibility and governance for inspection in the future. Our E2E expertise in managing campuses and branch networks, along with our intent-based approach to networks in the future specified software, adds to our data center services. This allows our data center to manage the entire network, count, and save infrastructure with all physical and virtual assets, along with collaboration – in short, carrying all assets under the panel-pane-of-glass panel.

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