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India, a country is recognized because of its warm hospitality and the perfect blend of dynamic art and culture, is also one of the most preferred countries for medical tourism.

The number of multi-special hospitals that continue to increase and technology that developed technology has led India to a list of the most preferred for health and medical tourism.

Low medical costs, along with high quality health services, are what make people from all over the world, flying to India for their care. In addition, India is superior in the medical facility of the state of the arts, health care professionals, quality nursing facilities and traditional health therapy.

Essenware are one of India’s health care benefits that allow people to manage their health effectively and lead happy life. With the aim of making quality health care affordable and accessible, the Prepaid DiscountEssenware health package provides access to a quality preventive and health solution. Our motto is that with high service standards, our highly qualified medical networks offer standard and transparent concession levels throughout the hospital, diagnostic centre, nursing homes, pharmacies, and home and clinic providers.

Essenware seek to serve Indian populations with specially made Essenware, which can be used by young people, adults, professionals who work, and parents.

Globally, health care companies including providers and payers continue to strive to achieve three main objectives: enhance the patient’s care experience, optimize health outcomes and reduce health care costs through health consultations.

By managing health results as the center theme, health organizations try to encourage synergy in reducing costs, operational efficiency and treatment. However, for health care organizations to realize three objectives, it is important to overcome the challenges attached to the modernization technology system that has grown in an unstructured way for a certain period of time. The challenge for health consulting also includes the need for system integration, processes and different people along with the optimization of interactions / touch points to enable smooth communication between different stakeholders.

This new normal requires significant investment in additional abilities while also swinging the cost curve. As a result, the ideal new era vendor must have the sharpness to understand how business processes and technology can be aligned to enable paid injection efforts and patient providers.

As a leading technological firm, Essenwareis always on the spearhead of the search to continue to improve the best practices in healthcare IT consulting services. Essenware’s medical services help our clients to meet their goal aiming to maximize their investment returns (ROI).

Our vision

To be most appreciated, and trusted brand known for its professionalism that provide excellent services for each client, employee’s stake holders and competitors.

Our mission

We dream to provide unique platform for the each individual where they can opt for the best health care services at the affordable prices. We try to benefit rural people also with the best health services.

Our services

Application service

Our application business is prepared around 11 integrated horizontal capabilities. This allows us to offer a holistic life cycle of system integration, consulting services, and an integrated approach to developing the right solutions for our client’s business needs.

Infrastructure services

Infrastructure management services at Essenwarehave impressive credentials in the IT vendor landscape. We not only execute global IT transformation exercises but also help run efficient IT services for more than 300 world leading companies.

Engineering and R & D services

We are one of the leading and fastest global technical service providers in the world. From the blueprint of the product to support, from software / hardware to mechanics, we work with more than half of 100 top R & D engineering companies throughout the world.

Digital and Analytics

Digital & Analytics services help design and build key platform components for traces of digital technology our customers to power on their digital transformation trips.

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Essenware, have come together with pioneers & leaders of health care services, which consist of high-quality health care services & breeding providers, with the aim of making all three health services accessible & more affordable for all.