Online Training

Online Training

As a global leader in professional training, we provide innovative learning and development solutions, which include various fields and industries, which are adjusted to meet your needs. Essenwarecourses are delivered in face-to-face and eLearning environments, ensuring the training goals achieved wherever you are.

In our fast-paced world, it is important to continue to accelerate with the development of standards, regulations and technology. Individuals and businesses given the right training and support in professional development they tend to be more motivated with the advanced knowledge base that leads to overall productivity increases.

We have a record of traces that are proven to provide public learning, in-house, eLearning, virtual and blended for the largest companies in the world and recognized organizations.

Our services

Implementation Support

A few years ago, Elearning injected innovation that was needed into the traditional training platform. Technology gives us a revitalization system to achieve two main results needed from each training program: Effectiveness is related to performance and high value for money.

New obstacles for many organizations make transitions to eLearning programs. Elearning provides tools to train, but some organizations have knowledge to use it with experts they face very difficult challenges when employees are pressed for time and need to be “sold” on eLearning, and the impact of change needs to be managed everywhere.

That’s where the company’s training solution entered. Our guarantee successful program ensures your eLearning program tracks to your destination, is implemented effectively and can grow with changes in your organization’s needs.

Branding & Site Customization

Customized training sites help show employees how important training and learning to their work environment and its development. Put your training goals and priorities first, our implementation support experts will work to make a look and feel it is intuitive, professional and represent your training organization characters.

Competency Mapping

Employees benefit the most when their training is specifically designed to meet their needs. Competency mapping takes a holistic view of individual training and provides a basis for adjustments.

Using competency mapping, we will match the gap in employee skills until the course targets the holes. This system is also regulated so that the assignment of courses is easy to find and taken by the user.

Custom Course Design

Expand your training program to enter customized eLearning courses that include internal procedures, policies, and processes can make economic and administrative understanding. Our team will work with the main expert your lesson to design exclusive training tools that meet your organization’s unique needs.

Third-Party Learner Management System Integration

If you currently have a third-party learning management system (LMS), it’s easy to connect our eLearning content for it. We ensure the integration of the course and data tracking is smooth. We go beyond logistics settings to provide direction to LMS user navigation experience and tactics to maximize awareness and use of LMS.

Due to increasing logistics complexity, taking time from a busy schedule, cost, and constraints of existing class training methodologies, online training programs are answers to fulfill individual desires to improve skills, knowledge & remain upfront with technological advancements.

The online training program brings to you the desired training at your desk and serves as a one-to-one interaction with a coach, thus helping participants to assimilate knowledge in a harmonious environment.

Essenware online training advantage:

Our topic of focus is oriented to current technical, business and legal problems and is targeted mainly in the industrial and service sectors. Special presentations and discussions offer you the opportunity to gain new knowledge quickly and in a very compact form.

Designed to be interactive, participants can communicate with and increase specific questions during lecture directly and get clarification.

Glance Advantages:

Utilizing lesson material experts, our training moves beyond theory, gives you a valuable real world insight. As a result, you can trust on Essenware experts to provide high-quality training and development and consistent at each level of your organization to new height in this competitive era.

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