BFSI Consulting Services

BFSI Consulting Services

Deliver the innovation in the banking and financial sector with Essenware!

In common terms BFSI stands for banking, financial services, and insurance, and in today’s competitive era BFSI is popular term for companies that provide various services and these services are served in Several IT or BPO companies and technical service companies that manage data processing, application testing, and development activities software in this domain. With more stringent regulations, increasing customer expectations, and pressure from stakeholders, banks, and financial institutions face many challenges to remain relevant in the market and face obstacles in adapting to landscape changes.

In the background of the digital revolution, financial institutions and banks need to improve to the IT system and rediscover their workflow and operations to serve clients based on insight that are driven by data and offer customized solutions.

The biggest challenge is to transition from traditional banking / financial services to digital while meeting increased compliance measures, keeping the cyber threats, and remain cost-effective.

In the digital space of financial and banking operations, cellular applications and net banking are streamlining operational costs, but also bring customer service to the center of attention. To be able to provide unlimited support to consumers, at the time and channel of their ease, it is important to choose outsourcing partners who understand and build solutions for your business needs.

More about BFSI industry with Essenware

Essenware offers banking, financial services, and intelligent insurance solutions that are digitally and adaptively to provide the best results. Our team can develop a smart BFSI solution around technological innovation, organizational flexibility, and client’s centrisy. We have developed the latest banking and financial solutions that allow secure transactions, real-time insights, and personalized services and products by eliminating human errors.

Technology enables the BFSI industry to reach new markets and offer products and novel services through efficient shipping channels. On the other hand, data security and availability of information updates are very important for banking and insurance businesses, high network uptime mandates, rapid error detection, and fast problem resolution. The banking and financial industry is also challenged by a large number of heritage systems in their infrastructure

Career opportunities in E-commerce industries using BFSI


Billions of connected devices make smart systems that can change the BFSI industry in countless ways. For each transaction or inquiry, customers prefer to use different devices. From this device, banks, financial services companies and insurance companies can gather information about their customers to offer customized options and services. IOT also allows mitigation of security threats and data violations. For example, every fraudulent transaction can be confidently rejected by banks that have IOT data about their customers.

Clouds and DevOps

The need for innovation to make agile and efficient shipping products and services encourages the absorption of Cloud and DevOps in the BFSI industry. Cloud Solutions allows open banking that provides flexibility to make an open fire. This will make nimble and lean shipments. With analytics and AI surge in this sector, the need for efficient data utilization, increasing computing, greater storage power, and the deployment of services will make Cloud and DevOps very necessary for the BFSI industry. When competition in clouds increases, the company strives to provide the best service and technology requirements to BFSI companies.

DL, ML and Big data

AI, engine learning, and in-depth learning allow the BFSI industry to collect customer data and use it to improve their services through dynamic customization. AI Powers Virtual Assistant, Conversation Interface, and Detection of Fraud. The virtual assistant will soon be empowered by financial service skills, which leads to profitable collaboration with BFSI organizations. On the other hand, BFSI institutions will also collaborate with AI Startups to improve front-end operations and back-end while remaining obedient with regulatory compliance.

What does Essenware offers you

Digital transformation for banking

Customers are currently worried about the security of their financial data. Online and cellular technology has changed the way customers do financial transactions. To provide trustworthy security customers, financial services companies must bring accurate and secure digital transformation to each company level.

Retail banking and loans

Essenware provides technology services that extend retail banking products. We bring together institutions, people, rules, procedures, standards, and technology that make electronic payments and solutions available anywhere, anytime. Retail customers want access to their financial data, whether it is a collision account or stock portfolio, from almost anywhere, on any device. We build applications that bring this service to clients.

Financial trade

Trade finance facilitates the process of importers and exporters to conduct financial transactions through trade. Credit lines can be issued by the Bank to help import and exporters. Essenware understands complicated processes related to trade finance. We can manage all the details needed to provide the services you need to handle trade financial transactions.

Infrastructure service

Essenware provides various infrastructure services to improve the process of your financial company; from hardware, networks, warehousing data and software applications, we can design optimal system design for your needs.

Customer experience

While customers mainly interact with the user interface, ‘customer experience’ involves all system design, data integration, latency reduction, user interface layout, and most of all, customer support after the system delivery. At Essenware, we take the whole customer experience personally. Our success does not only depend on your satisfaction with the productivity of the system we wake up, but how well we stand behind it.

How Essenware does benefits you

You can trust Essenware to improve any of your financial enterprise processes and feel free to contact us.