Hire Train and Deploy

Hire Train and Deploy

Choosing right candidate is the most important part of the current business, and businesses need to survive above the latest recruitment trends to get the best talent needed. Essenware finds the right candidates from various sources, trains them to the right expertise needed by the company, and spread it with clients after the training is complete. In this way, the company saves a lot of time and money and gets resources with the right set of skills and technology for the project.

Companies with enthusiasm are looking for trainees, graduates, and capable professionals to immediately start working, but without investing in many resources train them. To help our clients find capable employees, we develop training programs, which benefit both parties. Essenware’s technical experts have developed a selection program, which joins employees who are fully trained with companies that need their skills and talents.

The benefits of rental, training & deployment of staffing services are:

Identification of faster resources:

Employing the right resources is the time consuming task.Essenware has a collection of ready candidates who have undergone processes such as pre-filtering, talent tests, and interviews, etc. and ready to be deployed.

Effective placement:

we guarantee smooth on-boarding and the placement of the final candidates by caring for processes such as placement offers, formalities related to salary, etc. Because candidates are chosen and trained properly, there is a possibility that placement will produce more ROI.


Training candidates for specific projects requires infrastructure arrangements that can give them direct training. Rental, train & distribution service providers have special teams and infrastructure to train labor on various skills and innovative technology. In this way you can save money to invest in preparing infrastructure and teams in the organization.

Better monitoring:

service providers, trains & service deployments ensure routine monitoring of candidate progress. There are experts and coaches who train candidates and ensure that the set of candidate skills is updated with the latest developments in the industry.


Why choose Essenware for HTD program

Our hire,train and deploy  programs are customer-centric models, driven by results, and process-based processes that provide professionals who are trained, high-performance, and ready to be employed for your business. The HTD model functions as a very good source strategy to ensure that new employees are equipped with technical skills and exact domain knowledge before they join the organization. We have developed a rental, train model, and deployed as our sustainable commitment to provide economical and skilled employees to help our clients increase productivity, efficiency, and achieve their business goals.

Because the IT industry evolved, new parameters were being set to meet employees. But a large number of headcounts make it difficult to train and distribute resources at home. That’s why, we have an expert team that is always updated about the latest trends, and doing efficient H2D / TD tasks for you. Just give us your special skills requirements and we will send your resources.

How Essenware process HTD program

Our selection process is to find and develop fresh talents, sharpening their existing skills, and help them learn new skills for this entry-level position that makes us different from consulting companies and other staff.

We have worked with several important businesses in the past and have helped them find ideal candidates that meet all their requirements to fill the available position. The advantages received by our clients by partnering with us are recruiting professionals who have been trained, ready, and determined to meet and exceed their expectations.

Our clients will receive extraordinary experience with us, when we employ educated and trained consultants who have extensive knowledge of the technology sector and receive sustainable training to ensure they remain up to date on all industrial related news.


Essenware’srecruitment team hire local graduates or mid-level graduates via several interviews and analysis process.


Training of selected candidates is scheduled for a period of 4-6 weeks. This training is adjusted according to the needs of clients and / or projects.The final written technical test and presentation on the application or use of cases developed during training by candidates for client evaluation.


In the completion of class training, trainees will be deployed in the JT (Job Training) for the next 6 months. During this period, our senior consultant will support training participants with a technical query during JT.


During the JT period, our senior consultant will support training participants with a technical query. In every three months survey is carried out on Trainee learning in JT to check their progress.

Essenware, became one of the largest giants staff, offering a rental, train and a comprehensive deployment to his clients. With advanced infrastructure equipped with all the latest technologies needed to provide perfect training and teams that understand client’s needs and technology such as the back of their hands, there are no other staff companies that can even close to providing quality services Essenware provides. If you want to know how you can or your company can benefit from the hire, train and deploy model, don’t hesitate to contact.